Alignment Opportunity

Align Your Organization in 3 Steps

Thank you for your interest in aligning your organization with our shared community goals! As you browse this page and the pages linked to it, our hope is to leave you with an understanding of what it means to align, how to align, as well as examples of those who have completed the alignment steps.

Join us in celebrating the success stories from some of our aligned organizations by visiting the Aligned Organizations page, where we have showcased a few examples and look forward to seeing your organization added to the list!

The Process

Step 1: Express Your Interest

Shortly after submitting your contact information, you should receive a welcome email from Bright Futures, which is a convenient way to track your progress and will assist you with completing the alignment process.

Step 1: Express Your Interest

  • Congratulations!

    With your conversations complete, you are ready to move on to the next step. Please remind us your Name, Organization and email below so we can track your progress. As soon as you hit the submit button below, you will be redirected to the profile page and receive an email with the next steps so you can move forward at your own pace.

Step 2: Engage Conversation

Next, the conversation starter(s) will help you assess where your organization currently stands in terms of alignment. Through this exercise, you may discover that your organization is already aligned in some areas, not aligned at all, or can improve alignment across one or more goal areas.

Step 3: Create Alignment Profile

Your last step is to create an alignment profile for your organization. An automatic email with an associated link will be sent to you three days after your contact information is received. The profile consists of a short series of questions that will walk you through sharing your alignment goals and information with Bright Futures. You may also click here to create your alignment profile.