The Bright Futures Education Partnership is a community partnership of diverse members fostering progress in education outcomes for local students, from cradle to career, and improving the pipeline of quality talent within Monterey County.

Our Purpose

 Our young people achieve an education and our community thrives with local talent and promise.

Our Mission

Bright Futures fosters progress in local education outcomes, from cradle to career, with a priority focus on closing racial equity gaps. We do this by engaging people in the pursuit of shared improvement goals and by supporting changemakers across the community as they create measurable results.

Our Vision

We envision a future for Monterey County

    • with vibrant, local talent; 
    • where young people succeed in education and see a bright future for their lives; 
    • where adults believe in the promise of local youth; and 
    • where employers find abundant, quality talent locally.

Community Charter

To ensure that every child:

    • is prepared for school,
    • succeeds in and out of school,
    • completes a post-high school credential, and
    • enters a promising career.

    Big Goal

    By 2026, 60% of all young adults in Monterey County will earn the credentials required for a promising career.

    Community Role

    The Bright Futures Education Partnership serves as: 

      • a catalyst for change 
      • a hub of innovation 
      • a convener of change-makers 
      • an advocate for the less advantaged 
      • a broker of solutions that work  

    Annual Reports

    Below are our annual reports to the community since our founding. These reports highlight local community data, promising strategies for improvement, and the broad coalition of partners engaged in improving outcomes for children and youth from cradle to career.