Timeline and Results

2018 – Key Milestones Achieved

Expanded the Partnership

  • Partnered with the United Way of Monterey County to serve as a funding agent on grants awarded to the partnership
  • Hired Communications and Research Associate
  • Began integration of backbone staff from various organizations; standardizing operations
  • Developed Guidelines for High Impact Projects
  • Engaged two contract Facilitators/Project Managers
  • Hired (replaced) a Community Engagement Coordinator
  • Hired a Project Manager

Bright Spots & Insights

  • First annual Bright Spot event
  • Designed and launched online Bright Spot Finder (Tableau visualization)
  • Launched Bright Spot section of website

All 7 Goals

  • Disaggregated, equity data sets produced for all Advisory Groups
  • Published attendance and suspension data set
  • Communicated Year-Two Community Report Card to the community
  • Presented South County data at community event
  • Produced analysis of local charter schools

Goal 1: Early Care

Goal 2: Kinder Readiness

  • Launched strategic plan for early childhood, developed by the Early Childhood Advisory Group

Goal 3: Language & Literacy

  • Presented English learner data to College of Education professors
  • Analysis of students reclassified as Fluent English Proficient by 5th and 6th grade
  • Analysis of 3rd grade English for native and fluent English speakers
  • Launched research into English class Bright Spots

Goal 4: Critical Thinking

  • Produced math initial data set
  • “Adopted” an existing math group to become Advisory

Goal 5: Youth Connectedness

Goal 6: College Readiness

  • Merged college and career readiness work in A-G courses with Hartnell College’s Bridging the Gap project with their 5 feeder districts
  • Launched the A-G Beliefs and Communications Project

Goal 7: Career Readiness

2017 – Key Milestones Achieved

Expanded the Partnership

  • Expanded the Partnership
  • Bright Futures designated as one of 41 partnerships nationally by StriveTogether.org
  • Updated Steering Partner role and designed new Advisor role
  • Developed Values and Beliefs for the Partnership
  • On-boarded five new Steering Partners
  • Developed an Investment Strategy for the Partnership
  • Launched Advisory Groups
    – Goals 1 & 2: Early Care & Kinder Readiness
    – Goal 3: Language & Literacy
    – Goal 5: Youth Connectedness (Pre-Advisory group)
    – Goal 6: College/Job Training Readiness

  • Bright Spots & Insights

  • Collected and analyzed initial set of Bright Spots
  • Produced K12 analysis tool for equity and Bright Spots by school, subject and grade
  • All 7 Goals

    Goal 1: Early Care

  • Launched Child Care Accessibility Project
  • Developed research plan for Child Care Accessibility Project
  • Conducted focus groups regarding child care access information
  • Presented focus group findings to project sponsors
  • Presented recommendations for improving child care access information
  • Goal 2: Kinder Readiness

  • Designed teacher questionnaire regarding measures of kindergarten readiness
  • Designed teacher questionnaire regarding measures of kindergarten readiness
  • Goal 3: Language & Literacy

  • Produced disaggregated data report for grade-level reading
  • Goal 5: Youth Conectedness

  • Developed initial list of over 100 out-of-school programs serving youth in Monterey County
  • Goal 6: College Readiness

  • Launched A-G Improvement Project
  • Developed detailed indicators for A-G student success
  • Developed diagnostic framework for A-G root cause analysis
  • Conducted A-G focus groups in two school districts; analyzed and reported findings
  • Goal 7: Career Readiness

  • Finished Career Pathway Guidelines and Elements
  • Detailed outcomes and indicators developed, including for career pathways
  • Piloted the MBCareerConnect.org website in two high schools
  • Began communications rollout of career pathway inventory & visualization
  • 2016 – Key Milestones Achieved

    2015 – Key Milestones Achieved

    2014 – Key Milestones Achieved