Plans and Results – The Bright Futures Partnership

2017 – Focus of Work

  • Expand Steering Partners
  • Encourage collaboration in Goal area 3
  • Publish Annual report
  • Produced K12 analysis tool for equity and Bright Spots by school, subject and grade
  • Continued collecting and analyzing Bright Spots
  • Collected and analyzed Bright Spots
  • Conducted orientation for folks newly engaged with Bright Futures
  • Goal 1: Presented recommendations for improving child care access information
  • Goal 7: Began communications rollout of career pathway in Dec ventory & visualization
  • Goal 1: Presented focus group findings to project sponsors
  • Goal 5: Developed initial list of over 100 out-of-school programs serving youth
  • Goal 6: Launched a college-readiness Advisory Group
  • Participated in National convening of Cradle to Career Partnerships
  • Goal 7: Piloted the website in two high schools
  • Bright Futures designated as one of 41 partnerships nationally by
  • Finalized working definition of “Bright Spots” and “Standout Results”
  • Goal 3: Launched Advisory group for Language and Literacy
  • Developed an Investment Strategy for the Partnership
  • Goal 1: Transcribed Spanish focus groups; analyzed findings
  • Goal 5: Convened small group to plan larger Youth Connectedness Advisory Group
  • Goal 6: Analyzed and reported A-G focus group findings
  • Goal 1: Continue conducting focus groups regarding child care access information
  • Goal 2: Designed teacher questionnaire regarding measures of kindergarten readiness
  • Goal 1: Conducted focus groups regarding child care access information
  • Equity report?
  • Developed 2017B shared work plan
  • Goals 1-2: Launched Advisory Group for early childhood
  • Goal 3: Produced disaggregated data report for grade-level reading
  • Goal 6: Conducted A-G focus groups in two school districts
  • Developed a tool for tracking progress of improvement projects and teams
  • Presentation to County Board of Supervisors with a call to action
  • Goal 6: Developed diagnostic framework for A-G root cause analysis
  • Goal 7: Outcomes and indicators developed, including for career pathways
  • Developed Values and Beliefs for the Partnership
  • On-boarded five new Steering Partners
  • Goal 1: Developed research plan for Child Care Accessibility Project
  • Goal 6: Developed detailed indicators for A-G student success
  • Updated Steering Partner role description and designed new Advisor role
  • Launched Projects Section of website
  • Goal 1: Launched Child Care Accessibility Project (Project charter and Project plan)
  • Goal 6: Planned A-G Improvement Project (Project charter and project plan)
  • Goal 7: Finished Career Pathway Guidelines and Elements
  • Published Year-One Community Report Card
  • Analyze partnership progress and developed shared work plan for 2017A
  • Michael Applegate awarded Tableau Fellowship

2016 – Key Milestones Achieved

2015 – Key Milestones Achieved

2014 – Key Milestones Achieved