Here is a list of current and planned projects that our community has identified as opportunities. Feel free to explore the projects listed. If you have a current project that is helping improve the cradle to career outcomes for our community and would like it included, contact us here.


Advisory groups and project teams are working to improve the community level indicators for Monterey County.  These are only a few of the key projects.

Goal 1 Early care and learning

  • Child Care Accessibility – the project team, working to expand referral system
  • Early Care and Education Workforce
  • QRIS – Quality Rating & Improvement System for Early Childcare providers

Goal 2 Kinder ready

  • Development and launch of “Strategic Framework for Early Childhood Development in Monterey ”
  • Family Friendly Business Project
  • Incorporating language in early childhood in city General Plans and Elements

Goal 3 Language & Literacy

Goal 4 Critical thinking

  • College futures conversation – data sharing opportunity

Goal 5 Youth connectedness

  • Inventory & Map Youth Programs (Landscape analysis)
  • Measures of Youth Connectedness

Goal 6 College Training Ready

  • A-G accessibility and Completion project
    • North Monterey County and Salinas Union High school District Actively engaged
    • South County Cohort beginning in April, Tim Vanoli hosting. There is still time to indicate your district is interested in participating
  • National Student Clearinghouse
    • Opportunity for All High School districts to engage in the supported enrollment process. There is still time to identify the contact for your district

Goal 7 Career Pathways

For more information contact – Larae Lindsey Community Engagement Coordinator for Bright Futures