The charter for our community is both daunting and exciting; to ensure that all children and youth are prepared for school, and are supported both in and out of school to succeed in education, and that young adults attain a post-high school credential and enter a promising career.


California State University, Monterey (CSUMB)

CSUMB is the anchor organization where Bright Futures is housed. CSUMB provides the Backbone members as well as the office space and additional infrastructure support for the initiative.


Bright Futures is a member of each of these communities, or has aligned goals with them.

Bright Beginnings

We work with Bright Beginnings to improve outcomes in early learning years, Pre-K thru 3rd grade, the first chapter of the Cradle to Career Continuum. Bright Beginnings focuses exclusively on the first portion of the Cradle to Career Continuum, improving whole child, mother, family and neighborhood outcomes, prenatal through age 8. Bright Futures focuses on improving education outcomes for students, from early learning, through school, into college and entry into a promising career.

IMPACT Monterey County

Our connection with IMPACT Monterey County is related to the organization’s four recent Monterey County research projects assessing aspirations among community members in three areas; Education, Health and Economic Self-Sufficiency. The Education findings from these studies are being applied by Bright Futures to inform shared community goals.

United Way of Monterey County is one of IMAPCT’s key partners.

Monterey Bay Economic Partnership

We partner with Monterey Bay Economic Partnership a robust pipeline of career-ready young adults and regional economic vitality go hand in hand. There is a reciprocal, reinforcing relationship of prosperity between growing jobs and growing talented graduates. Local talent supply, like what results from a healthy pipeline of education, means abundant talented young people to fuel growing and new emerging industries. When prospective businesses consider locations for future business ventures, they consider the volume and quality of local talent and the pipeline of talent supply.

Monterey Bay Career Connect offers free college and career readiness resources to educators and students across the region, which is sponsored by Monterey Bay Economic Partnership and partners. Features of the site include college planning, financial aid & loan information, local scholarships, career pathways, skill development, job seeker resources, career assessment, explore careers, live job postings within the Monterey Bay region and California, academic programs offered at community colleges in the Monterey Bay region and more!

Educator Resources provide supplemental information to use the site with students, educational equity resources, and local and online resources for classroom learning & support. Monterey Bay Internships is a free resource for local college students to help them connect to local employers across the region.


Strive Network

StriveTogether_logoStriveTogether Cradle to Career Network is a national movement to improve education for every child. The national network is made up of 63 community partnerships that are in 32 states, including Washington D.C. It brings together cross-sector partners around a common vision; working to improve educational success for every child. To date, the Network has impacted over 6.5 million students nationwide.

Listen as Jeff Edmonson, Managing Director of StriveTogether, explains the four pillars that make up the StriveTogether Framework.

Collective Impact Forum

fsg-ci-logoThe Collective Impact Forum supports efforts of those who are practicing collective impact in the field. It provides the tools and training that can help achieve success. It brings together an expanding network of like-minded individuals from across sectors to share experience and knowledge. This ultimately accelerates the effectiveness, and further adoption, of the collective impact approach as a whole.

For more information on collective impact, visit:

Lumina Foundation

Lumina_horiz_rgbLumina Foundation is the nation’s largest private foundation focused solely on increasing Americans’ success in higher education. Lumina’s mission is to expand access and success in education beyond high school, particularly among adults, first-generation college students, low-income students and students of color. It is committed to increasing the proportion of Americans with high-quality degrees, certificates and other credentials to 60 percent by 2025.

Lumina’s Community Partnership for Attainment work aims to deepen the impact of cross-sector, place-based efforts to increase higher education attainment in communities and cities across the country. These communities work closely with Lumina and national thought leaders to develop a customized action plan focused on reaching attainment goals to increase the percentage of high-quality credentials held by community residents. Bright Futures is one of 75 national communities selected for this program and have been recognized as “innovation leaders” in improving graduation rates.