North Monterey County – Summer Bridge

In North Monterey County, like many communities across the state, has a large percentage of children that are not enrolled in an early education program – such as transitional kindergarten (TK) or preschool – before entering kindergarten. Only about 25-30% of children are served through TK or California State Preschool programs.

-Provide early learning experiences for entering kindergartners prior to start of school.

-This is a five week summer program from 8am to 12pm, staffed by a TK certified teacher and an educator.

-During kindergarten registration in the spring, project team identifies families who report that their children had no preschool experience.

-Provide 5 week preschool experience for free.

Measure Success

The number of children attending the summer bridge program. The number of children who indicate Kindergarten readiness through DRDP-K pre and post program.


Why This Matters

Without high quality early learning experiences, children’s development can lag behind their peers, and they may be less ready to succeed in school. Exposing children to key elements of kindergarten such as self-regulation and socialization with other children, to a formal school setting and meeting early literacy goals, is critical.

What’s Next?
North Monterey County Community Alliance would like to propose a pilot home visiting Parents As Teachers project focused on Family, Friends and Neighbors in order to support the expansion of Social Emotional Development and Language and Literacy.
This pilot would provide 9 months of home visiting to 5 caseloads from October 2017 to June 2018. The 5 caseloads would receive 2 visits monthly with the goal of transitioning to child care/preschool access at the age of 3 years old and develop social emotional and early literacy to support the child’s school readiness.


Children who are not enrolled in a TK or preschool course.


North Monterey County Unified School District
United Way Monterey County

Sponsoring Organizations

North Monterey County Community Alliance