The Bright Futures Education Partnership is a community partnership of diverse members fostering progress in education outcomes for local students, from cradle to career, and improving the pipeline of quality talent within Monterey County.


We envision a future for Monterey County with vibrant, local talent; where young people succeed in education and see a bright future for their lives, where adults believe in the promise of local youth and where employers find abundant, quality talent locally.

Guiding Principles

The Bright Futures initiative fosters progress and community action in four primary ways:

Shared Vision & Goals: We agree on a shared vision for education in our community and develop shared goals, across multiple organizations. We work to achieve those goals using shared action plans, resources and measures of success. This requires high-levels of collaboration across various organizations and community sectors that often work independently.

Data: We use data, research and data-based practices to discover and measure what works. We use and share data and feedback from students and the people most vested in their learning to produce clear insights about their needs and root causes of challenges they face.

Innovation: We use innovation and design methods to envision future systems and approaches that meet the unique needs of local students. We promote adoption of innovative practices that rethink the way things are and open new potential.

Solutions: Together with many partners and investors, we collect and promote a growing portfolio of solutions that work. We shed light on existing practices that yield results and we also cultivate new solutions from diverse community members. Working with program partners, we apply disciplined criteria to develop and mature potential solutions into prototypes, detailed proposals, pilots, and implementation projects, measuring along the way to ensure the solutions yield positive results.


What gets measured gets done so we will track our progress toward goal achievement over time. We invite all community members and organizations who can create positive change toward achieving these goals to do so in the spirit of shared accountability. Together we will track collective progress with a community scorecard that tells how we are doing and inspires us to continuously improve.