First 5 of Monterey County – AB 300 & Child Care Planning Council

AB 300 allows local, low-income families to access the resource
of subsidized child care.

AB 300 is legislation introduced by Assemblywoman Anna Caballero at the urging of First 5 of Monterey County (F5MC) and the Monterey County Child Care Planning Council (CCPC).
•This bill brings local flexibility to open more child care options for low-income families, assists child care providers struggling to stay in business, and allows counties to make immediate use of child care subsidy funds.
•It supports families in Monterey County, San Benito County, and Santa Cruz County.
Among the changes to be made is the removal of the restriction that a child must be 3 years old by September to be able to apply for subsidized care.
Previously, children turning 3 after that date would miss out on the opportunity of subsidized child care until they turned 4! 

Measure Success
The increased number of children who are accessing subsidized child care in the county.


With the previous reductions in available subsidies, the advent of AB 300 will provide an increase of more than 15% of available funding over the last three years.

Why this Matters

With this change, AB 300 has opened up 100 more slots for children to access subsidized child care.

What’s Next?
As one of its core values involves child care, First 5 of Monterey County (F5MC) joins the Monterey County Child Care Planning Council with their mission and looks forward to working with other advocates in the community (such as Bright Futures and United Way) to ensure affordable child care for all.  

The major beneficiaries are low-income families who would otherwise have to allocate half of their income to child care. This access to subsidized child care also benefits the county—as parents can work because their children are cared for—allowing the county to flourish.

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Sponsoring Orgs
F5MC is funded by grants and the sale of tobacco products, of which they get 50 cents of every product.