Salinas City Elementary School District

Salinas City Elementary School District found that their schools had a need for improved climate and culture. Superindentend Martinez initiated the programs needed to achieve a better climate for their students.
SCESD introduced the Playworks program which structures recess and lunch to minimize incidences of bullying and allows students to play a role in leading and monitoring playtime. A Restorative Justice program was also implemented which trained teachers and staff to deal with problem solving in a more healing approach rather than their former zero tolerance policy. This program also allows students to learn how to address issues they may have. SCESD also collaborates with Harmony at Home to introduce Olweus and Sticks & Stones which are programs that help decrease bullying at all times, increase reports when bullying does occur, and teaches students to stand up for each other.

Why It Matters

This is an important part of the work SCESD does because it allows for a better and safer learning environment for thier students. Not only does it improve the climate and culture of schools, but their students learn valuable skills in addressing problems and in standing up for others.


10 of the 13 schools in Salinas City Elementary School District have adopted these programs.

What’s Next?
Salinas City Elementary School District hopes to have all of their schools successfully implement their culture and climate programs.

The beneficiaries of these programs are the students of the Salinas City Elementary School District schools that have adopted these programsas they have a more comfortable learning environment and valuable skills. The staff also benefit from having the ability to focus more completely on their teaching and catering to students.

Harmony at Home and Salinas City Elementary School District