Our Vision for Bright Futures

Our children obtain an education that leads to bright futures, and our community thrives with promising talent.

We see a future where All youth finishing high school each year then go on to complete the education required to launch them into promising careers, setting them on a course for a lifetime of prosperity; a future where our community thrives from the talent of these vibrant young professionals as they change our world with fresh thinking, innovations, and positive relationships.

Our Big Goal

By 2026, at least 60% of all young people in Monterey County will complete a degree or a career training program that leads to a promising career.

(Today, about 30% of local young people achieve this outcome.)

The Benefit

3,000 career-ready young professionals from Monterey County join the workforce each year,

Potentially 30,000 young people graduate over the next 10 years, ready to advance our community in progressive ways.

What is the True Value of Education Success?

Value for Our Children

Our children develop the skills, knowledge and motivation to become independent, life-long learners with limitless potential.

Value for Our Teens

Our teens see a bright future ahead for themselves, connected in meaningful ways with an attainable pathway to get there.

Value for Our Young Adults

Our young adults enter promising careers with incomes which afford them and their families’ independence, a stable home, and a sense of security.

Value for Our Local Families

Many young adults get jobs that allow them to stay here and raise their families, encouraging multiple generations of families to be part of everyday life together, sharing a family culture, mutual support and prosperity.

Value for Our Organizations

Our Employers have access to local career ready graduates with the talent needed for their organizations.

Value for Our Community

Our community prospers because of the talented young people who transform the quality, vitality and sustainability of our community.