Bright Spots 2019

Bright Spots are programs and schools that are improving student outcomes by at least 10% with a 3+ year trend of growth. Some Bright Spots are achieving over 40% growth.

These Bright Spots inspire us because they demonstrate that all kids can learn, including less advantaged children and youth, and that we can raise the bar to higher expectations for student achievement. Why? Because it is already happening in our community, successfully. Many bright Spots also serve as proof point that we can close important disparity gaps and we can create equity for our students who face the most challenges.

Bright Futures hosted a recognition event honoring Bright Spots in our community where programs and schools are achieving results that outpace the State and the County.

Bright Spots 2018

A Bright Spot consists of results in a cradle to career indicator of child or student success. If you would like to make a Bright Spot referral, click here.