Goal 7 | Monterey Bay Internship

Goal 7 Career Pathways

Project | Monterey Bay Internships

Young adults complete a career pathway, program or degree that qualifies them to enter a promising career.


Monterey Bay Internships is a resource that helps ease the transition for young adults from higher education to the workforce. Employers can take advantage of the talent groomed from local colleges. Students receive the training necessary to meet the employment needs of our local business community.

Scope of Work


    Attend business and college events relevant to business networking and student work experience.


    Create marketing materials, online resources, and workshop content.


    Develop new partnerships with employers and schools in the Monterey Bay region.


    Promote and share intern success stories, resources, and events via Monterey Bay Career Connect e-newsletter, press releases, social media, and email campaigns.


  • In 2018, increase cumulative internships posted to 520 -accomplished
  • In 2018, increase registered employers to 1,000-accomplished
  • In 2018, increase registered students to 2,600-accomplished
  • By November 2018, host student and MBEP Member Mixer
  • By December 2018, increase site visits to Monterey Bay Internships by 20%
  • By January 2019, increase social media engagement by 50%
  • By February 2019, bring Monterey Peninsula College into consortium


Working with local colleges, our team is sharing Monterey Bay Internships with college, graduate, high school seniors, alternative and adult education learners.

Attending local college campus events (i.e. career and resource fairs), our team is sharing Monterey Bay Internships with college students and career centers.

Collaborating with local chambers of commerce and local employers to promote and assist with developing internship opportunities



    Created new scam reporting and FAQs re: how to avoid scams

  • Added social media icons and links to site

  • Attended ~100 outreach events for 2018

  • Created business card for employers to promote site

  • Increased registered users by 82%

  • Updated student collateral with new social media

  • Created Monterey Bay Internships LinkedIn Group


    Hosting student and MBEP Member Mixer

  • Bringing on college partner

  • Developing social media strategies and campaigns

  • Continuing site management and update features