Goal 6 | Policies & Operations

Goal 6 College and Career Readiness

Project | Policies and Operations

A-G Completion

% of students who are college and career ready


To adopt school and district policies and develop operational practices that support student success in College and Career Readiness standards.

Scope of Work

This project seeks to modify and change ways of operating within schools and districts that directly benefit students and families in the area of college and career readiness.

The context for these changes is an expectation that college and career readiness, including A-G courses, is for all students. In the past, expectations were that only some students would enroll in and complete A-G courses or become college-ready. Operations and practices today reflect this. The stretch to have all students enroll in A-G courses and the vast majority complete them, and that all students become college or career ready, requires that we re-think school and district operations, policies and practices to align with this higher level of expectation.

The scope of this project includes identifying potential policies and practices that can support more student success in the areas of college and career readiness., and to implement those policies and practices within schools and district operations.


  1. To identify future policies for each school district in Salinas Valley by (date)
  2. To plan future operational practices and develop an implementation plan by (date)


  1. Inventory potential policies, including innovative policies
  2. Select and implement policies by school district
  3. Inventory areas of operational practices to develop
  4. Select and implement operations and practices by school district


  • List of potential policies
  • School and district level decisions of polices to recommend and adopt
  • List of operational areas to develop
  • School and district level decision of operations and practices to develop
  • Implementation plan
  • Measures of project success