Goal 6 FAFSA Completion

Goal 6 College and Career Readiness

Project | FASFA Completion Project

% of high school seniors who completed the FASFA or Dream Act application


To increase the percentage of students who complete either the FAFSA or California Dream Act Application by the March 2nd priority deadline.

Scope of Work

Develop and distribute FAFSA completion resources to high school counselors

Provide week-by-week data on FAFSA completion at each high school.

Discuss and implement completion strategies, then use data to understand their impact on FAFSA completion outcomes.

Develop and implement a public awareness campaign to support knowledge about the benefits of FASFA completion.


Increase FAFSA completion at participating highs schools by at least 10%


  1. Support high school counselors with data and resources on financial aid form completion
  2. Promote collaboration and use of data among high school counselors
  3. Promote financial aid form completion through a public media campaign


Project Sponsors

Team Members

Juan Mendoza-Romero, MCOE
Francisco Tostado, MPC
Manuel Bersamin, Hartnell
Dolores Christensen, SUHSD
Aleen Bradely, Hartnell
Doreen Gray, Seaside High School