Goal 6 Belief and Communications Project

Goal 6 College and Career Readiness

Project | Belief and Communications Project

A-G Completion


To foster beliefs and communications that promote a college-going mindset and culture.

Scope of Work

This project aims to structure interventions that target core beliefs, bias and assumptions, makes these unspoken factors visible, and involves people in the redesign of new behaviors. The shift from old to new behaviors will be facilitated within each school district and among families and students from those districts.

Additionally, this project includes the development of customized communications designed for first generation students and families in mind that uses role models and translated content to help families make informed college and career choices. This communication and training, once developed, will be delivered via counselors and students at school, and via “Promotoras” and students within communities.


  1. By December 2018, identify old beliefs, biases and assumptions about college and define new beliefs to replace them
  2. Design and produce a communications campaign by September 2019
  3. Implement the communications campaign during academic years 2019-20, 2020-21 and 2021-22


  • Conduct focus groups with students, parents, counselors and teachers to learn about current beliefs, biases and assumptions
  • Design progressive messages for students, by students; for parents, by parents; for counselors and teachers, by counselors and teachers
  • Design persuasive communications using multi-media
  • Develop and implement master schedule of communications throughout the school year


  1. List of beliefs, from old to new beliefs
  2. Detailed list of future beliefs and behaviors
  3. Communications messages and phrases for students, parents, teachers and counselors
  4. Master schedule of communication implementation
  5. Communication materials and media (details TBD)
  6. Measurement plan

Project Sponsors

Team Members

Project Managers
Phase 1-2: Catherine Hambley
Phases 3-6: Mary DeGroat
Aleen Bradley

Team Members
Irelia Dominquez, SUHSD
Dolores Christensen, SUHSD
Emily Tsai Brownfield, NMCUSD
Falicia Nance, NMCUSD
Jeff James, SUSD
Patrick O’Donnell, GUSD
Juan Mendoza-Romero, MCOE
Manuel Bersamin, Hartnell
Alma Loredo, Hartnell
Esther Figueroa, CSUMB
Laurencia Walker, Hartnell
Martha Pantoja, Soledad/Hartnell
Laura Zavala, Hartnell
Carissa Purnell, Alisal Family Resource Center
Sabino Lopez, Center for Community Advocacy
Michael Applegate, Bright Futures
Iris Medina, Health Professions Pathway
Joel Hernandez, Center for Community Advocacy
Josh Warburg, Bright Futures