Goal 4

Goal 4

Project | Transition to College Level Mathematics Course

% of students entering and succeeding in college-level math after graduating from high school


During the 2018-19 school year 407 students are enrolled in the course in 14 classes in eight schools across five school districts.

Scope of Work

To increase the number of students who complete four years of college prep math in high school and are ready for college-level math courses.


  • Students actively participate and persevere in solving math problems
  • Students gain new math content knowledge
  • Students believe that they can be successful in math
  • Teachers can be successful in math
  • Teachers gain skills and knowledge to support the development of the student-oriented goals


  • Develop and offer a 4th year high school math class that emphasizes modeling, problem solving and applications of mathematics to the real world that provides an alternative to Pre-calculus/Calculus pathway
  • Provide professional development to support teachers of the TCLM course as well as other secondary teachers, especially in Complex Instruction


  • Transition to college-level math course material.