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Goal 7 Career Pathways

of students who graduate high school complete a career path, degree or certification (est.)


Given the challenge of a 1:750+ counselor-to-student ratio in our K12 schools, the purpose of this project is to establish a direct distribution system to students and families with relevant college & career planning tools and information.

Scope of Work

  • Connector.


    Develop a plan for a hub of college & career information.

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    Identify student informational needs for the website.

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    Design landing page and negotiate links with third-party providers.

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    Share website with students and sponsors.


• By February, 2017, create a website hub that links “all things career” into one web location.

• By June, 2017 secure funding with community partners to make the website hub free to all students, families and career seekers.


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    ACTIVE WEBSITE: Website URL and landing page that can link to many resources including career coach, college financial aid, MB interns, and resume builder.

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    AWARENESS TOOLS: Communication tools and resources to raise awareness of the website.

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    DECISION: A decision was made to engage students in marketing the website to their peers. A separate project will be formed over the summer with interns to promote the site and recommend further enhancements.

Project Sponsors

Links to Project Materials

Project Team Members

Role Name/Organization Responsibilities
Project Manager Kyle McWilliam-Lopez
Plans and manages the project; ensures project success
Data Analyst Michael Applegate
Bright Futures
Provides input/guidance and participates in project activities
Team Member Larae Lindsey
Bright Futures
Team Member Natalie Lenzi
Bright Futures