Goal 6 | A-G Accesibility and Completion

Project | A-G Course Access and Completion

Goal 6 College Training Ready

of students complete college prep classes A-G


The purpose of this project is to

Scope of Work

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    To understand the current data and information systems we have in our community (i.e. MAOF Resource and Referral).

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    To comprehend the information needs for families, care providers, referral agencies, policy and planning agencies and investors needed to improve access to quality care.

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    To develop a prototype of a future system and data set that will meet these needs.

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    Future Work

    To make recommendations for how to proceed with future phases of the project.


Offer the real-time or close to real-time information to match all families with openings, maximize available subsidies, and provide data needed to increase access to quality child care.


  • Connector.Connector.

    The project charter and plan has been reviewed, modified and approved by the project team.

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    The project charter and plan has been reviewed, modified and approved by the six sponsors resulting into a decision to move forward or not.

  • Connector.Connector.

    Detailed written report of current landscape of resources to identify gaps and needs to prepare for focus groups.

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    Detailed written reports up to 10 focus groups by providing a thorough summary of user needs to bring forward user requirements for new or improved system.

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    Review up to 5 websites and choose the best match for our community needs based on defined system requirements to determine system recommendation.

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    Sponsored Organizations will analyze commitments and capabilites on recommendation of support, implementation and maintenance of new/enhanced systems.

Project Sponsors

Salinas Union High School District
Tim Vanoli

Dr. Deneen Guss

Bright Futures
Cynthia Nelson-Holmsky

Links to Project Materials

Project Team Members

Role Name/Organization Responsibilities
Project Lead Cynthia Holmsky Coordinates project and facilitate meetings
Team Member Blanca Baltazar-Sabbah
Provides input/guidance and participates in all project activities
Team Member Candice McFarland
Gonzales Unified
Team Member Will Zibell
Gonzales Unified
Team Member Zandra Galvan
Gonzales Unified
Team Member Emily Tsai-Brownfield
Team Member Michael Applegate
Bright Futures
Data Analyst
Team Member Bobby Cannon
Report developer