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Goal 7 Career Pathway

of students who graduate high school complete a career path, degree or certificate (est.)


Establish partnerships with higher education institutions in the tri-county region to bring to all students and families a tri-county, online career coaching tool that offers them local information about careers, jobs, salaries and education programs.

Scope of Work

  • Create

    Create vision for a website with all the information needed for students to pick a career, target specific jobs and plan their education to get there.

  • Partner

    Partner with local colleges to support the online program “Career Coach.”

  • Integrate

    Scrub college program data to integrate with website.

  • Introduce

    Introduce the website to college staff and counselors.


• By March 1, 2017, launch an online tool that delivers information direct to students to help them plan their post-high school career path and choose the education or job training program needed to enter a promising career.

• By January 30, 2017, add local education program information to the tool.

• By January 30, 2017, fund the addition of education program information via cost-sharing agreements with tri-county education and training providers.


  • Complete

    NEGOTIATED AGREEMENT: Review vendor capabilities, select vendor, and negotiate terms for a tri-county, regional website.

  • COLLEGE PRESENTATIONS: Career Coach presentations are made to decision makers at the local colleges -Hartnell, MPC, Cabrillo, CSUMB, UC Santa Cruz, Gavalan, Brandman, Central Coast College.

  • COST SHARING: Cost-sharing agreements with local colleges are signed.

  • WEB CONTENT MERGED: College program descriptions are merged into the shared website and appear alongside information about careers, local jobs and salary ranges.

  • WEBSITE LIVE: The integrated website is launched and live.

  • STAFF TRAINING: Training on the use of Career Coach is provided to partnering colleges and universities.

Project Team Members

Role Name/Organization Responsibilities
Project Manager Marcy Rustad
OMP Research
Plans and manages project; ensures project success
Team Member Michael Applegate
Bright Futures
Data Analyst
Team Member Kyle McWilliam-Lopez
Outreach & Demonstrations
Team Member Larae Lindsey
Bright Futures
Project Support