Leaders' Forum participants expressing individual feedback about areas of highest priority.


Leaders’ Forum | August 31, 2015

Over 90 senior-level leaders from diverse organizations gathered on August 31st for the first convening of the Leaders’ Forum for Bright Futures. They engaged together around data and insights regarding one of our most pressing social change opportunities: improving the cradle-to-career education pipeline in Monterey County. Leaders explored data and the story it reveals about the experience of young people in our community today.

Leaders reviewed measures of success along the Pipeline to Bright Futures as a set of proposed outcomes for the whole community to rally around, and to be accountable for improving. They then expressed individual feedback about areas of highest priority. Click here to view a graphical representation of what they said. Click here to download a PDF of some of the slides that informed the conversation.

During the Fall, we are listening to the voices of students, parents, educators, and program providers using a variety of methods. The opinions and experiences of diverse community members are essential to our success in creating positive change.