Community Vision

We envision a future for Monterey County with vibrant, local talent; where young people succeed in education and see a bright future for their lives; where adults believe in the promise of local youth and where employers find abundant, quality talent locally.

Our BIG Goal

By 2026, at least 60% of all young people in Monterey County will complete a post-high school degree or job training program that leads to a promising career.

In 2015 when the Bright Futures Partnership was formed, only about 20% of high school graduates went on to complete a career credential. This is a stretch goal to increase 60% and we cannot achieve this without the engagement of the whole community.

This is a community issue, not a school issue. Students only spend about 25% of their time learning in school so we cannot look to teachers alone. We need all sectors of our community engaged in improving education outcomes.

What is the True Value of Education Success?

Value for Our Children

Our children develop the skills, knowledge and motivation to become independent, life-long learners with limitless potential.

Value for Our Teens

Our teens see a bright future ahead for themselves, connected in meaningful ways with an attainable pathway to get there.

Value for Our Young Adults

Our young adults enter promising careers with incomes which afford them and their families’ independence, a stable home, and a sense of security.

Value for Our Local Families

Many young adults get jobs that allow them to stay here and raise their families, encouraging multiple generations of families to be part of everyday life together, sharing a family culture, mutual support and prosperity.

Value for Our Organizations

Our Employers have access to local career ready graduates with the talent needed for their organizations.

Value for Our Community

Our community prospers because of the talented young people who transform the quality, vitality and sustainability of our community.

Community Benefit

Education is a community issue, and the community will benefit in tangible ways when we achieve our ambitious goals for improved education outcomes.

Break the chain of inter-generational poverty:: We see a future where all youth finishing high school go on to complete the education required to launch them into promising careers, setting them on a course for a lifetime of prosperity. With “A Degree in Every Home”, we can break the chains of inter-generational poverty. Education is the ticket to a brighter future for every family in Monterey County.

Reduced dependency on social services: Unemployed individuals and the working poor rely on public assistance in order to survive. These public dollars could be spent in inspiring ways to develop our communities, and more importantly individuals would realize greater self-esteem and quality of life if they could earn a living wage and become financially self-sufficient.

A youthful, thriving community: Young adults with professions and a bright future bring a unique vitality to a community. They fill organizations and community places with fresh thinking, innovations, positive relationships and a sense of promise.

Quality talent pool: When we achieve BIG Goal, we realize 3,000 career-ready young professionals from Monterey County joining our workforce each year. Over ten years, potentially 30,000 young people could expand our talent base and be ready to advance our community progressive ways.

Mission & Values


Because we believe lives are transformed by education, Bright Futures fosters progress in local education outcomes, from cradle to career, with a priority focus on closing equity gaps. We do this by engaging people in pursuit of shared improvement goals and by supporting change makers across the community as they create measurable results.

Values & Beliefs

When fostering progress, the Bright Futures Partnership reflects shared values and beliefs. These align us in a share commitment.

At the Center
We keep the child, the youth or young adult at the center of our work. Our focus is on creating measurable improvement in the cradle to career education outcomes for all young people growing up in our community.

What we believe about education …

  • We believe every child can learn; every student can succeed.
  • We believe that education and learning begins in the first years of a child’s life.
  • We believe all children deserve to learn to read and write and deserve to achieve on grade level.
  • We believe education opens doors for individuals and can transform opportunities over a life time.
  • We believe that learning experiences need to meet the needs of all students.
  • We believe knowing multiple languages and cultures is an asset; it strengthens children’s minds and expands their opportunities.
  • We believe education has a positive ripple effect on the community; it reduces poverty, reduces violence, improves talent supply and improves health outcomes.

What we believe about change …

  • We believe that current cradle to career education outcomes need improvement.
  • We believe change is possible, using largely existing resources to improve what learners achieve.
  • We believe progress requires adults to lay down self-interest and put what benefits learners first.
  • We believe the whole community, with multiple voices working together, is a part of the answer.
  • We believe that innovation increases solutions and can breakthrough chronic issues.
  • We believe measuring with data is essential to creating impactful change.

We value …

  • We value unselfish dedication to improve the welfare of young people in our community.
  • We value diverse ideas, voices and cultures and culturally-relevant solutions.
  • We value being open-minded, listening, learning and exploring alternatives to the status quo.
  • We value cooperation and working well with others.
  • We value integrity, honesty, respect and trustworthiness.
  • We value shared accountability.
  • We value transparency into all we do.
  • We value the freedom to be authentic and to engage in dialog with no fear.
  • We value feeling welcome and included.
  • We value possibility-thinking; satisfying focused on what is possible.
  • We value all solutions that measurably improve outcomes and indicators for children and youth.